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I was born in 1997 in Dresden, grew up there and in 2015 I graduated from the Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium with a focus on visual arts. Then I worked in the Media Culture Center Dresden as a jury member of the German Multimedia Award mb21 and as a co-organizer of the associated media festival. Preparatory for studies I joined an internship in the animation school Fantasia Dresden e.V. and Balance Film GmbH, where I worked as compositor and colorist on two animated films. At the same time, I was active in the youth jury of the Filmfest Dresden. Since October 2016 I am studying at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in the Department of Animation (BA). There I align myself with the area 2D and 3D character animation. In the summer of 2017, I went to Lucerne University to attend the six-week Master class LUMAA.

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Inspired by the work of the former DEFA animation studios and the old works of Disney, I work on several shots and shorts. And I prefer the use of traditional animation techniques such as the cartoon animation art on paper and work with 3D models in Maya. It makes me particularly fun to give fictive characters their own little personality.




Character designs

I always like to design figures and develop costumes, which has also brought me significantly to the field of animation. At the same time, I also resort to modeling with clay to obtain a better spatial idea of the figure. You can see a small selection of my works here:




In my studies, I also began to create backgrounds for my short films. I prefer working with watercolor paint after a small pencil sketch. The work shown here was created in the context of my personal project "Viola (AT)". Painted with watercolor on A2 paper you are one of the largest and most elaborate background, which I have made so far.





Since I've been able to hold a pen, I've liked to draw and work graphically. Especially to draw people and buildings has always fascinated me. I also learned a lot about spatial drawing and anatomy, which I now include in my animations. You can see an extract of my graphics here.




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